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5 great reasons to work at MDK & Co.

1. Our values and goals are real.

Many companies place tremendous importance in cramming their mission statement down the employee's throats, usually until they don't really believe it any more. If I need to constantly remind a member of my staff that they work for the client, that's probably not an employee we need around. Concern for others before yourself is self-evident in people, not something that can be learned or taught. We value that quality very highly.

2. We recognize and reward the following behaviors:

  • Sound judgment: Your judgment calls are based on knowledge, experience, and listening. You are confident in yourself, but know when to ask for help. There is a tremendous difference between confidence and arrogance.
  • Productivity: Your work amazes people and you accomplish tasks in a smart, logical way that makes others around you feel involved and important.
  • Intelligence: You think broadly and pay close attention to subtle events. You can absorb and retain new information and learn skills quickly, and are able to change directions when the situation warrants that you do so.
  • Honesty: You avoid partial truth and are candid with others. You are straightforward and direct with people, and own up to situations where you are at fault to make things right.
  • Communication and understanding: You listen to others to understand their needs, and put them before your own. You are concise and clear with instructions and explanations to others who may not have the same knowledge base as your own.
  • Selflessness and dedication: Your first thought is for what is best for the company. You are without ego when interacting with designers, clients, co-workers, and contractors.
  • Reliability: Others see you as stable and dependable. This comes across in your actions. You are not prone to behave in a way you would disapprove of in others.

3. Our outstanding people:

We are a high-performance team, not a family. A strong service company is based around a core of skilled people. For us, the cost of having only 'adequate' performers in any position is simply too high. We strive to have only extraordinary people, and while this may limit our numbers, it will be the foundation for a highly functioning and successful company.

4. We pay well:

We believe that one outstanding employee produces more and costs less that two adequate performers. We try to pay at the top of the market for our key positions, and raises are driven by performance, not seniority.

5. Our future:

We will continue to grow, and that growth will continue to be tempered by our requirement that we want only the best personnel. A great company earns the respect of it's clients and employees, and is able to maintain that respect by delivering what we promise.

We are constantly looking for exceptional people. If these qualities sound like you , please email us at

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